So, you are ready to take the crucial step and upgrade your bathroom? That’s one big thing you need to make your home more comfortable to live in. Whether you like it or not, people will value your entire living space based on the worth and feel of your bathroom space. And, all that estimation starts from the quality of the floor tiles in your bathroom. 

It is not a gainsaying that people will judge your bathroom space by what they see on the floor, and that alone is a potent reminder that you need to be careful enough to choose the best floor tiles that can give your bathroom a perfect look you have ever imagined. 

If you have been attentive from the beginning of this article, you would have understood how much emphasis you need to place on installing the perfect floor tiles on your bathroom floor if you want it to look its best. Before I go further, you need to be ready to invest as much as it requires if you mean business.

Now, after you might have agreed that you need to invest big on your bathroom floor tiles, the next question is how do you find the perfect floor tiles to transform your bathroom to a five-start-like?  Well, that is a question to ask with sobriety. Why? Most people end up purchasing the wrong floor tiles that could neither serve their ultimate purpose nor give value for their money because they didn’t know much as they took the plunge and dash into the market.

To make an informed decision when choosing floor tiles for your bathroom, here are five pro tips to guide you.

1. Have a precise budget

It is imperative that you determine how much you want to spend before you head to the market. Floor tiles come in different shapes, styles, sizes, and prices. One important thing you need to note is the aspect of pricing: manufacturers put prices on floor tiles based on the cost of production. Having established that fact, it is now more evident that buying expensive floor tiles does not necessarily mean you have made a good investment. 

5 Pro Tips for Choosing the Right Floor Tiles for Your Bathroom

Notwithstanding, the first step to take when choosing floor tiles for your bathroom is to know your budget stick to it. Once you set your budget, that will automatically put you in a specific range of floor tiles that have the expected range. 

After determining your budget, the variety of options you will have include porcelain, ceramics, and natural stone. Ceramic tiles seem to be the most expensive floor tiles available in the present market, with porcelain standing up next. So, you might have to cut those tiles out if you are planning on a low budget. 

Meanwhile, there are several high-quality floor tiles with low prices. So, a low budget does not necessarily mean low quality.

5 Pro Tips for Choosing the Right Floor Tiles for Your Bathroom

2. Determine the color scheme 

First, it is essential to determine the variety of colors you want to use for your bathroom floor designs before you dash to the market. Floor tiles are available in different colors regardless of the type of tiles you choose. 

If you want to create a perfect floor design for your bathroom, you may decide to go beyond the traditional black and white combination and work with different attractive colors to make a bold statement. In this case, you must first sit down and come up with the actual colors that will match the overall colors of the interior space of your home. 

Once you have selected your preferred color scheme, you already know what to ask for when placing an order from a tile store. Visit to read about 5 Uncommon Tips for caring for your floor tiles.

3. Determine the size 

When it comes to floor tiles, it is not one size fits all. Floor tiles come in different sizes, and you would have to choose the right size for your bathroom floor based on several factors, including the size of your bathroom space, your preferred design, and the type of floor tiles you would like to install. 

The woold of tiles has evolved to a new phase. Gone are the days where smaller floor tiles were the norm for bathroom floors. In recent times, homeowners now prefer 12 x 24 in bathrooms. As a matter of fact. That actual size is becoming a standard. 

The bigger the floor tiles, the bigger the bathroom space. However, you will have to first know the size of your bathroom before deciding which floor tile size will work best for the area. 

In most cases, it is always better to discuss with a professional tiler to know the right size that will allow you to maximize your creative ability to achieve a perfect bathroom floor design with different sizes of floor tiles. 

4. Determine your preferred design 

After you have determined your budget, color, and size, the next thing is to create an imaginary design. If you buy your floor tiles without having a proposed plan on the ground, it may surprise you to see that the floor tiles could not work for your what you intended to do with your bathroom. 

5 Pro Tips for Choosing the Right Floor Tiles for Your Bathroom

In reality, you are expected to purchase floor tiles based on the intended design. As a matter of fact, the bathroom floor design will determine the type, color, size, texture, and finish of the floor tiles you will need. 

Don’t forget the goal is to choose the ‘perfect’ floor tiles. If you have to achieve the word perfect at the end of the day, you will take the step seriously. All floor tiles have a unique aesthetic. Hence, the design dictates the type, size, texture, and color. 

5. Go for the more accessible to clean

Your bathroom floor tiles might lose their beauty after a long time without proper cleaning and maintenance. That is why this tip is essential – even though it is coming last. 

Some floor tiles are susceptible to stains and cracks, which will eventually damage your flooring in the long run. To avoid unnecessary expenses, repair and renovate your bathroom floor regularly; make sure that you choose the floor tiles that are easier to clean. That way, your bathroom floor will remain attractive for an extended period.  

Final Words 

You need to have a clear understanding of choosing the right floor tiles for your bathroom to make the best out of your tiles purchase. Yes. You will make an informed decision if you adhere to this guide before getting your preferred floor tiles. 

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